9 Features To Remember While Developing A Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet

Technology is evolving faster, and creative financial transaction solutions are always in demand. Every person and organization in the modern day is increasingly app-focused, even when thinking about handling their payments. 

Various money transmission and storage applications exist, including Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, and others. But, Is it genuinely performing secure transactions?

Not precisely.

But, Blockchain technology can conduct cryptocurrency transactions. Yes, Blockchain's decentralized and irrevocable nature makes transactions more secure and grants you complete control.

Features That A Crypto Wallet Can Enable

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, security, usability, and functionality should be given high consideration by both developers and consumers. Here, let's look at a few key aspects.

Two-step Verification

Today, security requires more than just passwords. Users' access should be restricted using multi-factor or two-factor authentication. It can be through text messages, calls, or anything.

Scheduled Logout

The user’s system should automatically log out after a brief time of inactivity, similar to banking websites. Although users are used to session timeouts, they choose convenience above security.

Control Third-party

Owners can alter third-party apps. Third-party apps must retain no authority to store your user's data. So you should resist the urge even if they provide more usability features outside the app.

Confirm Recurring Payments

The app should require confirmation if a user makes a payment and wants a repeat transaction. It ought to terminate the transaction if the user disputes making the payment.

Reliable Backups

There is a chance of losing your phone. In such a case, the first thing you do is erase everything. The safest route will be incorporating cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox into wallet apps.

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Better User Interface

Your app has to stand out from other similar ones. Users won't stick around if your program has all the security measures but is challenging to use. So the app’s appearance and feel are equally vital.

Pop-up Notifications

Users should be aware of things happening to their currency. It might be a profitable sale, a payment request, or anything; users should instantly get notifications. Users should also personalize their alerts.

Quick QR Scanner

Wallet addresses are complex and unpredictable. An app should ideally contain payment requests and private and public keys. So, a QR scanner is necessary for any crypto wallet platform.

Final Feather

Creating an app is a challenging process. It's rather tricky to construct one that uses sophisticated new technology like blockchain. The most crucial thing to consider is that "The higher the challenge, the higher the profit."

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